Toenail trimming should be part of your routine herd management program. Just how often llama's/alpaca's nails need trimming depends on each animal and also the surface they walk on. If they walk over concrete or are on the trail alot, their nails will file down somewhat and probably need trimming less often than those animals that are on soft pasture all the time. Long nails will extend beyond the pad on the foot. If extremely long, they may fold over or curve causing lameness or pain. Trim the nail back just even with the pad using a nail trimmer similar to pruning shears. Trim the sides of the nail even with the pad in two or three cuts or whatever is needed. Then cut across the point taking care not to cut into the pad or the quick. If cut too short, the nail will bleed, will be painful, and could possible get infected. When lifting the leg to trim the nails, lift the foot straight back bending the leg in the direction that it would normally bend. Do not pull it out to the side this is painful to the leg and the llama/alpaca will probably struggle.