Heat Stress

Llamas/Apacas need extra care in hot humid weather. Always provide cool, clean water, a shaded area, and fans to keep the air moving. Long fibered animals may be sheared. Cool the animal's legs and belly with the hose - some will lay in a child's wading pool. Offer a bucket with electrolytes in addition to their fresh water. Feed a good quality hay and grain for easy digestion - good nutrition is just as important in hot weather if not more so. Plan breeding and birthing for the cooler months of the year. Signs of heat stress are drooling, open-mouth breathing, drooping of the lower lip, staggering, inability to stand, and not eating. A temperature of over 103 degrees is a danger sign and measure should be taken to cool the animal down immediately. Watch for a respiratory rate over 20 and a heart rate over 90.