An abcess is a round, hard swollen area - actually a pocket of pus which is formed from dead tissue cells after an injury which becomes infected. When located on the jaw, it can actually look like the llama or alpaca is holding a mouthful of cud. Like a boil, when the abscess is full, it will burst or need to be lanced. After the pus has been expressed, daily flushings with hydrogen peroxide followed by applications of Nolvisan will most likely show improvement. Healing can seem rather slow since an abscess heals from the inside out. There is also a wound dressing that your Veterinarian can get for you that has shown a lot of success in treating abcesses. Called Silverlon, it is a treated gauze-type material that you pack into the abcess and it promotes healing while killing the infection. Some llama/alpaca owners highly recommend this product. Check it out on their web site at