Dundee's Peruvian Hamilton

with 2 reserved breedings
Date of Birth: 
Light Brown
2nd, Mid-America
2nd, Fall Festival
3rd, OKC Blast-off after the champ and reserve
2nd Mid America 08

STUD FEE: $1,200.00

Hamilton is ready to go to work! We think he's looking very good and would like to retain two breeding's and will reduce the price accordingly - call for details! What will strike you about Hamilton immediately is his powerful build and commanding presence. His soft fleece has a long staple length and is a bright red-brown color. His dense bone on an athletic frame gives him the unmistakable look of a herd sire. Hamilton catches everyone's eye because of his color, his presence, and then, his soft, fine fiber. He is gentle, well-trained, and easy to handle - a distinct advantage for a future herdsire. His brother received first as a yearling at the Great Western, and we expect Hamilton to show well. He is full Peruvian with well-known bloodlines on his dam's side (Fandango, Bueno), and the more rare 007 line on his sire's. 007 is well-known on the East Coast, but is an unusual line for the west. Choose Hamilton if you are looking for a stunning, colorful, full Peruvian junior herd sire that you will grow yourself and at a price you can't beat! Hamilton's price is based on his age and is appealing to those wanting to get top quality without paying a king's ransom. He is READY TO BREED NOW. This price is subject to change without notice.

APeruvian Admiral Nelson
CP Diosa