Howard R. Barnard (1863-1948), Pioneer Educator

In 1906, pioneer educator, Howard R. Barnard, established the first college "Entre Nous" in northwest Rush County. Using funds from a sizable inheritance that he received from the East, he built a two story building, hired teachers, and provided school buses. This was one of the first schools to offer visual education, free transportation, and physical training. By 1913 his funds were depleted, and the school was closed. He taught in the public schools of Rush County(Hampton School being one of his favorites), often going hungry to buy more books, and in 1923 became Librarian in the LaCrosse Rural High School. At his death on December 9, 1948, his large collection of books was left to "the school children of Rush County." The Barnard Library, named in his honor, is located 4 blocks north and 1 block west of this point and displays items pertaining to his devoted life to this county. The marker is located in City Park in LaCrosse.

Courtesy of www.legendsofkansas.com

The Hampton School Bell is now located at Fairview Farms Alpacas where Howard Barnard's memory and passion for education lives on. To learn more about the life of Howard R. Barnard, be sure to read Yankee on the Prairie by author Allan R. Miller.

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