Babydoll Sheep


Old English Babydoll Southdowns

Babydolls are very intelligent, curious, and love to interact with people and each other. They remain small. An adult Babydoll Southdown Sheep is only 17" to 24" at the shoulder. They are much easier to handle than other farm animals. Children are less intimidated by their size making them ideal for 4-H projects. Although they are small and cute, Babydoll sheep are very hardy. Their wool is soft, fine, and typically short (1.5 to 2.5 inches). It is a greased wool containing lanolin. The wool structure is springy or bouncy. Babydolls are very efficient "lawn mowers" without damaging tree bark so, they are the perfect solution for orchards and vineyards. They have very pleasant temperments. Babydolls do require predator proof fencing or a guard animal. They generally do not challenge fencing.

The following are some requirements for raising sheep successfully:

1. A sheltered area to protect the sheep and lambs from rain, wind, snow or undesirable weather.
2. About an acre of good pasture grass per 5 ewes and their lambs.
3. Predator-proof fencing, guard dog, guard donkey or guard Llama.
4. Several sheep husbandry books such as the Sheep Industry Development Handbook (SID), Storey's Guide to
Sheep Raising and Laura Sawson's Lambing Problems and Managing Your Ewe.
5. You will need to get outside twice a day to feed, water, and check on your sheep as necessary.
6. A dry place to store grain, hay and a loose salt mineral supplement (specifically for sheep).
7. You will need halters, leads, buckets, hoof trimmers, and electric or hand shears.
8. Sheep need to have periodic deworming, hoof trimming, shearing and yearly vaccinations as part of their standard care.
9. You will need to take the time to regularly handle your sheep if you want to teach them to walk on leads, interact with people, or use them for 4-H projects.